Chinese Tattoos !   The Rage of the New Millennium 
 Use a Chinese Tattoo as a personal expression. Look at these:

    Scary Spice has one on her tummy. Mel C has one on her right arm. We can help you to translate your name, or any other expressions, into Chinese so that you can go and get a 'Chinese Letter Tattoo' for yourself as well. You can also use it to make a t-shirt or poster. Our translators are native Chinese, therefore accuracy is assured.

    We don't just give you a translation. You'll get an explanation of the pronunciation and the exact
meaning of the words in Chinese, plus a selection of five artistic Chinese fonts. Click here to see a  sample of what you'll get. Contrary to what some of the other sites are saying, our name translation
gives phonetically accurate, aesthetically pleasing, completely meaningful and great-looking Chinese
names. Please check out our samples to see for yourself.
   We also have other all-time favorites such as Love, Beauty, Mr. Right, Good Girl, Peace, Tramp,
Gay, The 8 Cardinal Words, Princess, Lover, Taikonaut, Brave, Bad Girl ..., etc.
    In addition to tattoos, we now offer quoted famous Chinese phrases, proverbs and poems for
occasions such as wedding, graduation, new baby, new home, new business, moving away, etc.
E-mail us for details. Want tattoos in other languages ? then check out our other site for
translation into Japanese, korean, Russian and Arabic.

Click here for Order Form.  Frequently Asked Questions about Chinese Language and Culture.

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