Hong Kong Public Holidays 2006 (Source: Hong Kong Government Gazette)

    If you are planning for business travel to Hong Kong in 2006, you should  
be aware of the Hong Kong Public Holidays. (Besides having your  
business card translated to Chinese) Hong Kong returned to China in 1997, 
but it is allowed to keep its traditional public holidays in the British days. In 
addition, a bunch of Chinese National Holidays were introduced. Hong  
Kong thus gets a double dose of Public Holidays. 
    Jan  02 -- Day After New Year's Day. (Jan 01 is a Sunday)
    Jan  28 -- Chinese New Year's Eve.
    Jan  30 -- Second day of Chinese New Year. 
    Jan  31 -- Third day of Chinese New Year. 
    Apr 05 -- Clear and Bright or Ching Ming Festival.
    Apr 14 -- Good Friday.
    Apr 15 -- Day After Good Friday **
    Apr 17 -- Easter Monday.
    May 01 -- International Labor Day. 
    May 05 -- Buddha's Birthday. 
    May 31 -- Dragon Boat Festival. 
    Jul  01 -- Hong Kong Special Administrative Region  Establishment Day. 
    Oct 02 -- Monday After National Day.
    Oct 07 -- Day After Mid-Autumn Festival.
    Oct 30 -- Double Nine or Chung Yeung Festival. 
    Dec 25 -- Christmas Day.
    Dec 26 -- Day After Christmas (Boxing Day).

    ** Officially, Saturday is not a day off. Many companies, however, 
give their employees the whole day or half a day off. 

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