Japanese Public Holidays 2009 (Source: Japanese Embassy, Ottawa)

    If you are planning for business travel to Japan in 2009, you should  
be aware of the Japanese Public Holidays. (Besides having your  
business card translated to Japanese)  
    Jan  01 -- New Year's Day. 
    Jan  12 -- Coming of Age day or Young Adults Day.  
    Feb 11 -- National Foundation Day.  
    Mar 20 -- Spring Equinox.  
    Apr 29 -- Showa Day. (Showa Day is a new holiday starting from 2007) 
    May 03 -- Constitution Day.  
    May 04 -- Nature Day.
    May 05 -- Children's Day.
    May 06 -- Make-up holiday because Constitution Day is on a Sunday.
    Jul   20 -- Day of the Sea or Marine Day.  
    Sep 21 -- Respect for the Elders Day.  
    Sep 23 -- Autumn Equinox.  
    Oct 12 -- School Sports Day.  
    Nov 03 -- Culture Day.  
    Nov 23 -- Labor Thanksgiving Day.  
    Dec 23 -- Emperor's Birthday.  
    The following days are not official national holidays but you are  
not likely to be able to schedule any business meetings on the day.  

    Apr 01 -- New school-year starts, job changing and office moving  
    Aug 13  \  Festival of the Souls. 
    Aug 14 -- This is the period when Japanese visit the graves of  
    Aug 15  /  their ancestors.  
    Dec 28 -- Last working day of the year for most office workers.  
    Dec 29     (see above)  
    Dec 30     (see above)  
    Dec 31     (see above)  


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