Singapore Public Holidays 2007 (Source: Gov. of Singapore Website)

    If you are planning for business travel to Singapore in 2007, you should  
be aware of the Singapore Public Holidays. (Besides having your  
business card translated to Chinese)  
    Jan 01 -- New Year's Day. 
    Jan 02 -- Make-up day for Hari Raya Haji because it is on Dec 31/06 (a Sunday). 
    Feb 19 -- Second day of Chinese New Year. 
    Feb 20 -- Make-up day for the First day of Chinese New Year (Feb 18, a Sunday). 
    Apr 06 -- Good Friday. 
    May 01 -- International Labor Day. 
    May 31  -- Vesak Day. 
    Aug 09 -- National Day. 
    Oct 13 -- Hari Raya Puasa. 
    Nov 08 -- Deepavali *** 
    Dec 20 -- Hari Raya Haji of THIS YEAR! (because of the calendar this year) 
    Dec 25 -- Christmas Day. 
    ***  The date, 8 Nov, 2007, for Deepavali is based on calculations as before. 
            It will be counter-checked with the Indian Almanacs when they are available 
            towards the end of 2006. Should there be a difference, we will update 
            this page. 
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