Taiwan Public Holidays 2011 (Source: TCC, Toronto)

    If you are planning for business travel to Taiwan in 2011, you should  
be aware of the Taiwan Public Holidays. (Besides having your  
business card translated to Chinese)  
    Jan 01 -- New Year's Day. 
    Feb 02 -- Chinese New Year's Eve. 
    Feb 03 -- Chinese New year. 
    Feb 04 -- Second day of Chinese New Year.  
    Feb 07 -- Make-up Day for the Third day of Chinese New Year because it falls on a Saturday this year.
    Feb 28 -- Peace Memorial Day. 
    Apr 05 -- Clear and Bright or Ching Ming Festival. 
    May 01 -- International Labor Day (only workers get the day off). 
    Jun 06  -- Dragon Boat Festival. 
    Sep 03 -- Army Day (special procedure dept. of national defense) 
    Sep 12 -- Mid-Autumn Festival. 
    Oct 10 -- National Day. 
    The following are not official public holidays, but companies CAN give 
their employees a day off at their discretion. Check with your host. 
    Mar 29 -- Youth Day. 
    Apr 04 -- Women and Children's Day. 
    May 10 -- Buddha's Birthday. 
    Sep 28 -- Confucius' Birthday or Teacher's Day. 
    Oct 25 -- Taiwan Liberation Day. 
    Oct 31 -- Chiang Kai Sek's Birthday. 
    Nov 12 -- Sun Yet Sin's Birthday. 
    Dec 25 -- Constitution Day, Christmas Day. 


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