Paul Gribbon - Uilleann Piper
The Uilleann pipes are a uniquly Irish instrument with a beautiful, haunting sound capable of both entrancing melodies and upbeat dance tunes.
Uilleann pipes

Available in London, Ontario and surrounding area for Weddings, Memorials, Ceili dances, recordings and performance.

Performances    - Guest of Paddy Keenan 2008
                       - Special guest with the Chieftans 2007
                       - London Symphony Orchestra Celtic Ceili 2001
                       - Grand River Ceili Band 2000

Groups:           - Hair of the Dog
                       - Rum Devils
                       - Tradicted

Recordings - Moutain Mist - Tim Thorne and Dave Weaver
                  - King Pheonix soundtrack  - Dean Harrison

I fell in love with the sound of Uilleann pipes over a decade ago, listening to the likes of Paddy Molony of the Chieftans, Pat Hutchinson of the Lorenna Mckinnit band, and any other source I could find at the time.  Growing up in Northern Ontario posed a bit of a difficulty as far as exposure to the pipes or for traditional Irish music in general.  When I decided to obtain a set for myself I had no idea of where to turn so I hit the yellow pages at the local library.  I started with the Ontario phone books and called a variety of bagpipe shops, music stores and folk music sources but with no luck at all.  After nearly exhausting my options (and phone books) there was a music store in St. John's Newfoundland that not only knew about the Uilleann pipes but actually had a beginners set in stock.  A few weeks later the pipes arrived and it's been a labour of love ever since.

I've been to the Willie Clancy Weekend in Co. Clare Ireland to study piping.  I've also being a regular attendee at the annual Chris Langan Uilleann pipe weekend in Toronto.  However, I owe much of my initial learning to Debbie Quigley of Scarborough who was herself one of Chris Langan's main students.  I am also a current member of the Ontario Irish Piper's Club.


Phone: 1-(519)-474-3386

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