Welcome to George's Tax Site in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Allow me to be of help to you this year. I can also prepare previous years returns for you. Please call or email for further information about previous years' returns pricing.

T1 - Personal Income Tax Services

QUICKLY receive the full amount of your refund.

AVOID tax discounters and high tax preparation prices. 

LET ME EFILE/NETFILE your 2005 Income Tax Return:



T1 Returns - With Small Business or Rental Income Tax Returns starting at $75.00.

Tax Return Preparation available for years 1993 to 2005 inclusive.

EFILE/NETFILE for 2005 returns starts on February 13, 2006.

EFILE/NETFILE for 2005 returns ends midnight, September 30, 2006.

Do you qualify for 2005 Efile ?
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Rental Return requirements are
Business Return requirements are

For further information, please contact:

*George R. Petricko
101 Bleecker Street, Unit 3001
(Sherbourne & Carlton)
Toronto ON M4X 1L9
Telephone (416) 960-2208

Or by e-mail: cfpetricko@sympatico.ca

(* E-FILE Preparer licensed by CCRA since 1993)