Pally Power 101
by Typhoeus and Melissand, Earthen Ring
This guide will explain how to use the mod "Pally Power". It is quite possibly one of the best and most useful mods availaable for Paladins as it manages the assigning of both the Greater and Lesser Blessings for all paladins in the raid/party who have the mod. Any Paladin who has been in a raid setting knows the headache's that buff assignments can produce, especially because the Greater Blessings may not suit all members of one particular class. Example: a DPS warrior needs salvation to max out her dps and not pull aggro, but a warrior tank needs light, and definitely not salvation.

Another headache comes from when you have multiple paladins trying to mix and match the blessings described above.

There are other buff mods available but Pally Power is simple and takes very minimal memory computer resources, and since it is ACE your memory efficiency goes up if you stack ACE mods.

Getting Pally Power

You can download Pally Power from  First you want to download the WowAceUpdater. Then run the Updater and download Pally Power (the updater has a search feature so you can find it faster).

The Buffing Menu
Once the mod is installed, you will see something like this on your screen (below): -The Orange Icon is the "Righteous Fury" Icon (paladins only) and will display the time remaining in your RF buff. Click this button to recast RF. This button can be turned on/off in the options menu.
-The "Helmet" Icon is the "Autobuff" button. If there are missing buffs (from you) it shows how many with a numeric tally. It also shows the time remaining on your buffs.
-The Green Dot, aka the "drag Handle". Left-clicking on this turns it from green to red and vice versa. When it is red it is locked and cannot be moved. When it's green you can left-click-and-drag it around the screen (in the panels below you can see that I've moved my menu while the dot was green).
The Assignment Menu

The assignment menu is accessed by right-clicking on the drag handle (green or red dot). When you do the assignment menu will appear.

The window is broken up into 10 columns and 2+ rows.

Column 1
Row 1 - is always blank.
Row 2 - is where you will always find YOUR name (if you are a pally). There are also a bunch of symbols here; just ignore them for now.
Row 3+ - if there are other pallies in your group, their names will be listed here (see below).  This box will also display how many Symbol of Kings they have in the top right corner. In the image below Pellar has 283 left.

Columns 2-10
Row 1 - The top row shows icons representing each class in WoW: warrior, rogue, priest, druid, paladin, hunter, mage, warlock, shaman, and pets. Just below these icons appear the names of your party/raid members. In the image above I'm soloing, but in the image below I'm in an 8-man raid.
Row 2 - This is where the blessing assignments for the paladin named at the start of Row 2 will go.  If you are a paladin these will be your blessings.
Row 3+ - blessing for all the other pallies in your party will be listed here (see below).

Now we will discuss how to assign blessings.
Who can assign blessings?

In order to assign blessings you must have Pally Power!!!   *gasp*

From the assignment window you assign which buff you wish to cast by clicking the spaces below the class icons.

If you are in a party/raid then the raid leader or an assistant running pally power can also assign buffs. You do NOT need to be a paladin to assign buffs; all you need is the mod and to be leader/assist, though usually a pally will be made assist to look after this.

Free assignment - any paladin can click the 'free assignment' box found at the bottom of column 1. By clicking this they enable any party member with the mod to change their blessings (even non-leaders / non-assists). However this will only apply for that pally's blessings.

Greater Blessings

To assign blessings just left-click the box below the desired class icon until the icon for the desired blessing appears.

Here we see blessings filled in for each class (save for pets) for my current party (1 mage and 2 warlocks), as well as other classes in case they join the party.

In this case I am buffing all Kings, and Pellar is buffing all the other blessings (this was us while we were 8-manning Kara)
Lesser Blessings

Pally Power can be used to assign lesser blessings to individual party/raid members on top of the greater blessings which are assigned to classes. To do this, click on the individuals name under the class icon. A new menu will appear. In this example I have clicked on "Melissand" under the Priest class icon.

This new menu lists each of the paladins running pally power (Typhoeus and Pellar). Each name has a drop down menu associated with it (the arrow) which lists the available lesser blessings from that paladin. It will only list lesser blessings which differ from the greater blessing already assigned to that class. Choose the desired lesser blessing by clicking the circle beside the blessing.

Once chosen the icon for the lesser blessing appears beside the person's name (under the class icon). The other nice thing is that Pally Power saves that person as getting that lesser blessing until you tell it otherwise.  Even if you log out and back in the lesser blessings will still be there.  So say Mel were to leave the raid, and then come back. When she came back she would still have wisdom assigned as a lesser blessing. (This even holds true if the pally logs).

Back to column 1. So remember all those icons I told you to ignore?  Next to each icon is a number.  This is the number of individuals who you have saved as getting that type of lesser blessing. Neat huh? 

Buffing with Pally Power

Ok, now its time to use this mod. After you have set your blessings, a new bar will appear to the right of your Drag Handle. This bar is your buff bar and it is made up of "class buttons" (which classes are shown on your buff bar can be changed in the options). By clicking each button (one for each class you assigned a buff to), you cast the greater buff assigned to that class.

In this picture I have class buttons, and hence buffs assigned, for Rogues, Priests, Druids, Paladins, Mages, and Shamans. Lets look closer at the information shown by the class buttons. I currently have five members in my Raid group.

- The "Autobuff" button (the helmet) shows that I am missing five buffs (as I have yet to buff anyone).
- Even though I assigned buffs for Rogues and Druids, there are none present in the raid group. Hence their class buttons are "black".
- Scanning each of the class buttons will show how many buffs are missing for that given class; 1 priest, 2 paladins, 1 mage, and 1 shaman.
- The class buttons that are "Burgundy" show who is in range for the Greater Blessing.
- Notice when I am hovered over the paladin class button. A drop down list of each player of that class appears. These are called "Player Buttons". (Player buttons and the direction they appear can be turned on/off/changed in the options). The Player buttons show a green "RNG" above each players name if they are in range. "RNG" turns red if they are out of range. Notice that the player buttons also show an icon for a blessing on them. If a player only has a greater blessing assigned to them, the greater blessing icon appears on the player button. However, if they have a lesser blessing assigned the icon for the lesser blessing appears (below).

- Remember I assigned myself to cast a lesser blessing on Mel in the previous section? Well, her player button shows the lesser blessing I have assigned instead of the greater. It still shows the "RNG" indicator, but her player button is "Blue" vs "Burgundy".

Lets back track just for a moment to a point where we have only assigned a Greater Blessing.

When you cast a Greater Blessing on somebody, the Burgundy color disappears from the class and players buttons and is replaced by a timer showing how much time remains for the buff. Notice also that the Autobuff button's "missing buff" counter has disappeared and that button is now black with a duration timer.

Now, if we had assigned a Greater and a Lesser blessing, when we cast the Greater Blessing the duration timer still appears, but the Autobuff button does not change to black and still shows us as having a missing buff(s), and the player button is still blue. This is to remind us that we have a lesser blessing assigned to that individual (usually because its more important than the Greater Blessing for that person!). Once we cast the lesser blessing on that person, the class button and platyer button turns to black. The Autobuff button will show a duration count for both Greater and Lesser Blessings should you have both up simultaneously.

- To cast a lesser blessing either click on the autobuff button or right click on the player button. If no lesser blessing is set, right clicking on a player button will cast a lesser blessing of the same type as the greater blessing set for that class. (A quick way to apply patch buffs after a death / BoF / BoP).
- BoP, BoSac, and BoF cannot be set in Pally Power.

AutoBuff Button and Layout Options

At this point you may be wondering why its called the "Autobuff" button. Well, thats because you can assign a Keybind to cast your Greater Blessings and your Lesser Blessings, removing the need to touch the class or player buttons. This is done in the pally power Options Menu. In this menu you can change the scale or all buttons, the assignment window, player buttons on/off, which class buttons to show, display of RF button, the number of Rows/Columns of the Class Button bar, etc.. It is best to simply play around with these to see what you like best. Personally, I have mine as a horizontal bar at the top of my screeen with player buttons expanding downward. I have the scale on it turned down to shrink it as well.
To access the options menu, click the options button in the assignment window.

"Pally Power Info" - a great mod for non-pallies

There is another mod called "Pally Power Info" which raid members can install. It naturally sits on your FuBar if you use it or type /ppi at the command line. This mod lists (in a text window) which paladins are giving the user which Greater Blessing. By clicking on the paladin's name in that window, it opens a "whisper" to that paladin. Asking the right paladin for a lesser blessing just got much easier.   "Pally Power Info" is also an ACE mod.