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We've almost been there for a year now!!

Welcome to Marc and Laurie's homepage. For those of you wondering what you will find here, all I can say is that you will find links to stuff that Laurie and Marc enjoy, find intriguing or are interested in.  Nothing all that thrilling, really, but a presence on the Web nonetheless....

March 7, 2001:

Marc writes:

    Greetings all!!  Well, we've been in our new digs for almost a year now and what can I say?  I LOVE it here!!  There's definitely something to be said for moving into a brand new place and not having to put up with years of accumulated dirt and assorted crap left behind by the previous occupants.  Everything is so shiny and new, and even after a year it still cleans up to its original shine.

     We've had a busy year, as always.  New digs, promotions and assorted excitement surely kept us on our toes!  Y2K was a big non-event (still had to work it though...), Peter, my long time buddy and mentor at work, left Toronto for greener pastures in our nation's capital, leaving me holding the bag at the Toronto HRT.  I was sorry to see him go, but he's happier than a pig in ... so I can't feel too bad for him!

    Laurie also had an exciting year, centering around her work as well, but also on the family scene things were pretty exciting!  I'll let her fill in the blanks later...

What's Marc up to these days??

     Well, I'm still flying around in the Falcon 4.0 world.  As some of you know, the Korean peninsula has a special place in my heart, as Laurie and I spent a year there teaching a few years ago.  I also picked up Flanker 2.0 (soon to be 2.5) and enjoying it immensely.

    Laurie got me Vampire:The Masquerade, a really cool RPG.  I play it once in a while.  I also play quite a bit of NHL 2001, even though I suck at it head-to-head.  The AI gives me no trouble though...Ah well, practice makes perfect, right?

    I'm waiting anxiously for the release of a new game called MAJESTIC.  Electronic Arts is putting it out and it promises to be quite a cool little thing!  Check it out below in the links section!

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