Our  PYR  SHEP  Boys 

Our  PYR  SHEP  Girls

Some of the dogs you will see live
with us,  while others live with other family members or friends.  I strive for the ideal and hope for the best!  I only breed dogs which are known to be healthy in the hopes of reproducing healthy stock to replace our retirees.  Unfortunately, the best laid plans are not always as perfect as we would hope them to be but I always try my very best to research pedigrees as thoroughly as possible for any health problems. 

The temperament and personality to perform the job for which they were intended is our foremost concern when producing sound and stable dogs.  I encourage all those interested in this breed to come and visit our dogs at our home or at events we attend to learn more about this wonderful little dog.

Our dogs live with us in our home.  They are not segregated into separate areas or crates, and sleep and eat together in harmony.  They are socialized with our grandchildren and neighbourhood children and are raised with good manners to respect all people, no matter what the age.  Although they are a breed with a strong character, if managed properly with sufficient exercise, rules and boundaries to adhere to, and kindness deserving of all animals they are eager to please no matter what the age. 

(Pictured to the left are some of our dogs being told to stay in the kitchen by our 3 year old granddaughter.)

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