Owners and their CHAPARRAL Pyr Sheps
in the performance arena

All these activities are excellent ways to keep active with your best friend and continue developing the close bond between man and animal.  In order to perform these sports your dog needs to be in excellent physical condition.  These sports do not take the place of daily walks.  In fact, a good run in fields and forest is an excellent way of preparing your dog's mind and musculature for the tasks ahead.

The Pyr Shep is one very 'smart puppy' and he is more than capable of distinguishing between one type of desired behavior in the sports arena and another type of stable behavior at home.  Do not allow the excitement level at a sports venue to override his good manners or sportsmanship.

Canada's Guide to Dogs is an excellent web site that explains the different activities you can participate in with your dog as well as supplies that you may need.

  and more!
(Chaparral's Zane Grey de La Brise X Chaparral's Elan Vitale Zonkers)

& his owner Angela

What started with as an impish puppy..........................turned into a Pyr Shep Super Star!
Sadly, Rally passed away Nov. 2013.   Angela and Rally inspired everyone they met.
Sadly, Rally passed away in November 2014

Rally was cherished and trained by his very talented and extraordinary partner, Angela.  They perform at Flyball, Agility, Disc Dog and Freestyle competitions, and are part of the Superdog demonstrations all over North America including the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, the Calgary Stampede in Alberta and the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in the U.S.  Together their accomplishments, talents and partnership have combined to be truly unique in the world of "man and his best friend".   I am so very proud of all of our dogs but Angela's dedication and training with Rally have gone beyond my expectations.

Titles to date:

HIC (Herding Instinct Certificate)


FM (Flyball Master, 5000 points)
#2 Pyrenean Shepherd

BDD, ADD (Basic & Advanced Disc Dog)
BDF (Basic Disc Freestyle)
ADDCh (1000 pts.) and Bronze title.
MDDCh (2000 pts. to become Master DiscDog Ch.)

MADC  (Master Agility dog of Canada)
MJDC (Master Jumpers dog of Canada)
MSDC (Master Snooker dog of Canada)
ATCH (Agility  Trial Champion)

Dock Diving
Initial Title

Rally entertained crowds of thousands of people across North America at yearly events such as the Canadian National Exhibition, the Royal Winter Fair, the Calgary Stampede, the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and many other venues in Canada and the U.S.  After their performances Angela and Rally greeted the crowds with enthusiasm and introduced many to the Pyrenean Shepherd.

Visit the link below to see Angela's performance team of R & R Pet Paradise:


    2012  began with a successful trip to Florida to perform and entertain.
    Surprising us all with the news,  Angela and Rally topped off their career on the season premier of Canada's Got Talent

    We are excited to announce the 1ST  Canadian Disc Dog Association (CDDA) disc dog trials of 2011!!!

2010 - email Angela for more info or join her on Facebook:  scruffy_superdog@hotmail.com

Angela and Rally have been busy all year entertaining crowds across North America with their talents.  Visit Angela's website to see videos and updates of their accomplishments.  Click on "What's New" when you get there:  http://rrpetparadise.com

WINTER PURINA INCREDIBLE DOG CHALLENGE  held in Whistler, BC on Jan 9th 2010.  Rally placed 1st in the Freestyle Flying Disc event and that earned an invite to the PIDC Nationals in October!  Angela also had alot of fun helping to create and fine-tune the "Skier vs. Dog" slalom race.... " When we first got to the hill, they were expecting the dog to recognize slalom poles 20 ft apart as weave poles and weave through them down the hill!  After some tweaking, we set the course of 6 groups of 6 weave poles, staggered down the hill.  The weave poles were about 3ft apart and the groups were about 15 ft apart.  Keep in mind that this was right ON the ski hill!  We left a large space in between the groups of poles to allow the dogs to be able to re-group themselves, since they were gaining so much momentum running down the hill!  I had to set Rally up at the start line and walk down to the 3rd set of poles, just so I could keep up with him and not go rolling down the hill myself!  :-)  Rally ended the event with the fastest (and flawless) run and beat his skiing partner each time!  You can see Rally at the end of the 2nd video listed."



see Rally's stage debut in a production of

Rally, Angela & Rick competed in Tennessee and became 2009 Hyperflyte Skyhoundz World's Pairs Freestyle Champions!

The 2nd Canadians to ever win a Skyhoundz Championship and 2nd pair to win Pairs Freestyle.  Watch this awesome video:

Angela and Rally place 2nd in St. Louis at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge.  Watch this amazing video:  PURINA INCREDIBLE DOG CHALLENGE 2009!

Indiana Disc Dog Classic - June 25 & 26th, 2009
June 25th - - Rally placed 2nd in Freestyle and 2nd overall (freestyle and toss&fetch combined)
June 26th - - Rally placed 4th in Freestyle, with only 0.3 points between 2nd and 4th place

See Angela and Rally performing at the Toronto Canadian National Exhibition August 26 to 29th

February 28, 2009, Rally will be performing at the Doglympics Centre, Orlando, Florida.
For competition information and a schedule of events visit Central Florida Dog and Disc Club

Open Freestyle & Accuracy
1st  Angela Ewtushik & Rally

Advanced Accuracy / Toss & Fetch
2nd Angela Ewtushik & Rally

Rally is now the 2-time Skyhoundz Canadian Freestyle Champion! 
SEE THIS AWESOME VIDEO  :   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8snynahjsQ
Angela & Rally attended the  2008 Skyhoundz Worlds Championships in Chattanooga and placed a remarkable 10th in the overall standings and 7th in the Pairs Freestyle

In the summer of 2007 Angela and Rally competed at the Disc Dog Championships and placed 1st in the Freestyle Toss & Fetch Class and also 1st in the Pairs Freestyle (1 dog, 2 throwers)  and will be going to Atlanta for the World Championships.    Rally-- 2007 Skyzhound Frizbee Champion!!
See pictures from these championship performances!

Go to the You Tube link below to see one of Rally's freestyle performances in 2007.

DISC & FREESTYLE.......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb5DG0ly768

Angela runs disc dog seminars. Anyone who is interested (beginners to experienced) in hosting or attending a seminar please email Angela


Angela writes:  I always ask my dog to sit or lay down facing me before the exercise...  gets them to focus on the task at hand.  Then I ask them to "go around" behind me before I either toss the disc or whatever i'm asking for (roller, take etc.).  You can lure this action at first if you need to.  This sets things up nicely so that the dog doesn't try to grab the disc out of your hand if you are trying to throw it and also sets you up well for longer distance throws in the future.

You can start with a "roller".  hard to explain on email, but the idea is that you don't want to set the dog up for failure right away by not catching a disc in the air.  You grip the disc as if you are going to throw it, but hold it perpendicular to the ground and curl/coil your arm up so the disc is sitting on your bicep.  Then with some power uncoil and the disc should roll on its side on the ground, hopefully more than a few feet!!

Once this is successful, I would start with just holding the disc in your hand (slightly above her head) and ask for "catch".  If she grabs it, then tug with her as the reward and then ask for an "out".  you could reward with a treat, or immediately give it back to her...  as long as you are somehow rewarding the "out".  Then you can run with the disc in your hand and ask for the same thing...  this teaches her to learn to grab the disc while it is moving.  But at this point, these are still "takes", she is grabbing the disc while you are holding onto it.  And remember as soon as she grabs the disc, you let go and then turn and run back to where you started, calling her name.  A quick return with the disc is just as important as the run out to the disc.

Also important that you have a proper dog disc, not a "Frizbee" that people use, and that you can throw it properly when the dog is ready!

The Disc Dog competitions start at a very basic beginners level through to advanced levels.  It is a sport which young and old can compete.  Even if you don't compete it is a fun game for your Pyr Shep on his walks.

You can contact Angela for lessons in Southern Ontario at R & R Pet Paradise.

Chaparral's Nikita (Ch.Ourson de l'Oustaou de Padel CD x Ch.Chaparral's Eureka HS, SDS)


with her owner Roxanne compete in agility in Quebec


Visit YouTube for videos of Nikita in 2011:

Nikita has qualified to compete at the 2011 National Agility Championships !!


Agility is a dog sport that is becoming more and more popular each year.  It is another dog sport that is physically and mentally challenging for you and your dog.  A series of obstacles such as, jumps, tunnels and teeter-totters make up a course that is run within a given period of time.  The dog is judged on accuracy and speed.   The Berger des Pyrénées is particularly suited to this sport as he is very agile and very fast.  

Most dog training facilities now offer agility courses for puppies and adults.  The Pyr Shep quickly picks up all the nuances of this sport but you have to be patient and teach him to perform the obstacles in a safe manner.  Your dog must be 18 months old to compete.

Different games have been devised to be of interest to all ages and abilities.  Course can be very simple or very complicated.  Some people enjoy the sport just for the fun and relationship that they develop with their dog while others are very competitive and aim for high competions levels as well as aspiring to represent Canada at World Agility Championships.

The AGILITY ASSOCIATION OF CANADA web site has a schedule of events for competitions throughout Canada.  Visit a venue!

CANADA'S GUIDE TO DOGS  is an excellent website that explains many different sports you can do with your dog and the Berger des Pyrenees is up for them all!!.

Chaparral's Lotto ATCH

ATCh Bronze, ExSt Bronze, ExSt Silver, Exj Bronze, ExG Bronze VBA,ADC, SGDC, AADC, AGDC, MADC, MGDC, MSDC,

"Tag" & his owner Susan compete in agility in Ontario

"Tag"  earned his Agility Trial Champion of Canada Title!

Chaparral's Lego ATCH

and his owner Pam compete in agility in New Brunswick


(Ch.Ourson de l'Oustaou de Padel CD X Chaparral's Erika)

  with her owner Tricia compete in agility in Ontario
also does Trick Demos and teaches agility lessons in Oshawa, Ontario.


& Freestyle Dancing

(Can.Am.Ch.Bellocq du Pic d'Arrouyette X Can.Am.Ch.Chaparral's Hoopla)

Chaparral's Printemps

DOCNA Beginner Trigility, DOCNA Beginner Jumpers, DOCNA Beginner Standard,
DOCNA Intern Trigility, Beginners Freestyle
"Spring" & her owner Anna compete in agility and freestyle dancing in Pennsylvania

      at agility trial on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqG9HHwNv-E

Chaparral's Galop
AAC titles:  ADC, SGDC     CKC titles: AG.N and AG.N.J

"Bandit" & his owner, Roger, compete in agility and
are great ambassadors for the breed in British Columbia.

MACH Chaparral's Nickel Back

NF (Novice Fast), NA (Novice Agility) and NJ (Novice Jumpers) AKC MX (Master Excellent)
MJS (Masters Jumpers Silver),  MXS (Master Silver), OF

& his owner Kat compete in agility in Michigan


Nick & Kat starting to play in the agility field.
Here is a video at 18 months of age:

***Nickel has now qualified for the U.S. Nationals 2012!***

  and more!

 (Can.Am.Ch.Bellocq du Pic d'Arrouyette X Can.Am.Ch.Chaparral's Eureka HS SDS)

Chaparral's Toggle

NA (Novice Agility), OAJ (Open Jumpers), OF (Open Fast)



Chaparral's Deja Vu


competes very successfully in agility in California with  her talented owner, Nancy.


Chaparral's Thierry & Chaparral's Juno
 competes in agility in Maine

Chaparral's D'Artagnan  is competing
in agility in Ontario with his owner, Pat and playing Disc.

Chaparral's Party Animal
Ch.Bellocq du Pic d'Arrouyette X Chaparral's Pooka2

"Rowdie" & his owner Jeri are training for the agility arena in New Brunswick

Chaparral's Tango Alegria BN PCD RA MX MXJ XF AD AG AJ TCQ, RATO and his owner Karen has "Tango" in training for agility as well as working at the new sport of Barn Hunt.

     Tango, Karen & Airy

X and more!
(Ch.Bellocq du Pic d'Arrouyette X Chaparral's Just Crochet)

Chaparral Stars and Stripes

OAJ (Open Jumpers with Weaves)

"Liberty" & owner Melanie are competing in Excellent A Agility

Liberty getting her first Excellent StandardQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wnS1SGO0sY&feature=youtu.be

Liberty may be fussy about her looks in class........

But one never knows when the paparazzi will show up!!

MACH Chaparral's Le Petit Sorcier

"Jinn" & owner Diana are training for the sport of flyball and agility
Affectionately known as "Jinn" his owner, Diana, are having a lots of succeses and fun doing flyball, agility and scent training.  
Together they spend their downtime hiking on her property, Sweetgrass, and swimming in the lake,


Jinn was awesome at his first practice flyball event.  Diana has uploaded some little video clips of his very first flyball recalls.



First Novice JWW run: http://youtu.be/BroYaivG0fI

Novice JWW Title run: http://youtu.be/t7R6Jtzvb2Q

First Novice Standard run: http://youtu.be/YCRyJYFSgLs

Second Novice Standard run: http://youtu.be/ZTQophBCjiY

Novice Standard Title run: http://youtu.be/-Q2l1Oj9SrE

(Gabizos du Picourlet X Chaparral's Hoopla)


Chaparral's Gryffindor "Duncan"
(Ch Ourson de l'Oustaou de Padel CD X Chaparral's Cassonade)
September 2003 - December 2012

& owner Leo


Novice Triple Superior, Novice Superior Versatility, Open Triple Superior, Open Superior Versatility,
EAC, EJC, EGC, TN-E, WV-E, TG-E, 1000 point award

"Duncan" was owned and trained by Leo with huge support from Leo's wife, Linda..

In  2007 Duncan obtained his 
NADAC Versatility NATCH  and the NADAC Triple Triple Superior
which places him the NADAC Hall of Fame


Leo is now competing with his new Pyr Shep,
Chaparral's Double Doux Gabrielle - VNATCH
(Gabizos du Picourlet X Chaparral's Pooka2)
At only 25 months old  "Doux" is successfully competing and winning in the Elite Class.

(Ojibwa Bleu du Val Soannan X Ch Chaparral's Phurz Rigolo CD HT)

Chaparral's Academy


Chaparral's Cassonade
Her first CKC agility title with a perfect score in
half the time allowed!!  Owned & trained by Mike.

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