I welcome anyone interested in the breed to come and visit us at our home, see how we raise our puppies and experience the joy and pleasure we get from our P'tit Bergers and P'tit Bassets,
as well as all the other animals.  For more information on the care of a PBGV puppy and socialization visit our "Care and Training the Petits Bassets" page.

If you don't live nearby and would like to meet one of our PBGVs in your area contact us  or phone 905-522-0590

For a puppy or adult to be sold as a "purebred", it must be eligible to be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).  This is the law in Canada.  If the breeder claims that the puppies they are selling are purebred then you are legally entitled to a Canadian Kennel Club Registration Certificate at no extra cost.  The sale of purebred dogs is governed by the Federal Animal Pedigree Act (APA).  Selling a puppy without papers automatically makes it a non-purebred dog.  If a certificate of registration is NOT provided by the seller within six months of the date of sale, the buyer can lay a charge against the seller for violation of the Animal Pedigree Act Article 64.  The penalty for violation of the APA can be a fine of up to $50,000.  If your puppy is not registered ask to see the parents Registration Certificate to make sure the owner has the breeding rights for the parents.  CHOOSE YOUR BREEDER CAREFULLY!


Occasionally we have an adult dog available.

Our older adult dogs  make excellent companions for a single adult or a couple leading a calmer lifestyle yet still wanting to enjoy the pleasure of owning such a marvelous breed.   Still requiring daily exercise,  the retired individuals do not demand the playful amusements an adolescent puppy seeks out, yet they still enjoy fetching a squeaky toy and learning new skills such as Therapy Dog work or training for Rally, Obedience or Tracking competitions.  They can easily be taken to work to lay quietly by your side without those worries of a youngster. 

All are extremely well-mannered house dogs, house-trained, well socialized, completely obedience trained, accustomed to other pets and livestock.   They can also make excellent companions while setting a good example with the introduction of a new puppy.

If you are interested in learning more about adopting an older companion email me, Susan, or telephone 905-522-0590
and inquire about their personalities and if they would suit your family. 


  There are no rescued dogs requiring assistance at this time.  Click on the picture to visit the Rescue Page.

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