The Pyrenean Shepherd is truly a hidden treasure in Canada.  Brilliant and devoted family companions. 
Our kennel and our dogs have been awarded the honourable recognition of "Breeder of Merit",  "Hall of Fame Breeder", "Hall of Fame Sire", "Record of Merit - Excellent & Versatility Sires"
for the high quality of dogs, versatility and success of performance in all dog activities and our care and support I offer to those who own our wonderful dogs.
Registered and licensed with the Canadian Kennel Club as a "Lifetime Member"
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For more information on the care of a PYRENEAN SHEPHERD (Pyr Shep)  and proper socialization visit our "Care and Training the Berger des Pyrenees" page.

For information about activities you and your family can participate in with your Pyr Shep visit our Work and Play Page to meet some of the
Pyr Sheps from Chaparral who are enjoying active lives and learn how you can participate in these activities with your Pyr Shep as well.

If you don't live nearby and would like to meet one of our Pyr Sheps in your area contact us by email, phone or text 905-522-0590





Ch. Chaparral Canadienne


Am.Can.Grand Champion Gabizos du Picourlet         was bred to         Chaparral's Fine Fettle RN

1 brindle male and 3 black male puppies were born  January 3, 2019.  Registered with Canadian Kennel Club.
All health testing done on parents.   Puppies have all vaccinations, rabies vaccination, microchipped. 
Eye exam at 8 weeks old (all normal), clear eye DNA testing for PRA-prcd on both parents so puppies are also "clear".
Normal hearts, patellas normal, very sound atheletic puppies

Natural tails and ears.   A very low inbreeding coefficient of  "0%"  in 5 generations .

One beautiful  midnight black puppy from this line of prize-winning Pyrennean Shepherds is available. 

 Exceptionally obedient, intelligent, and loyal.  This fabulous puppy, with winsome almond eyes is always gazing at you with a desire to please and learn more. 
We have taught him many little tricks using "clicker" training techniques.  Very food motivated and clicker trained he will sit in a carboard box, jump through hoops, stand on a pedastal,
sit, lay down, stay, come and offer kisses galor!  At present he is attending Early Puppy Obedience Class, Rally Class and Conformation Handling Class with me.
  I welcome hearing more about you and your own lifestyle to assertain if this boy is right for you and your family, and/or any questions you might have about the breed.

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Meeting visitors and making new friends.

AVAILABLE -- MALE -- Chaparral's Notability --"Raven "
A very nice quality male puppy.  Medium-sized, of the rough-faced variety.   Stable, curious, playful, affectionate and very clever, he is somewhat reserved with strangers but is calm around people and dogs, as is typical of the breed.  He will be a loyal and devoted companion to his new family. Well socialized and comfortable around strangers and visiting different environments.  He loves going to obedience and agility classes to learn new things.  Beautiful black with small white stripe.  Natural ears and tail.  Both testicles down.  Double-dewclaws. Full dentition and a scissor bite.  Dark eye. Good angulation and movement. Suitable for showing, obedience, rally or other performance events and an excellent  family companion.  Registered with Canadian Kennel Club.  All health testing up-to-date on parents -- OFA/OVC hips, patellas, heart, eye certification and PRA DNA tested clear.  Puppies have been vet checked and are 110% healthy.   Each puppy has had eye certification at 9 weeks of age and were all are clear of any anomalies. Have had full set of vaccinations, microchipped and dewormed.   
"Raven" loves leaping in the air with joy,  playing tag with the chickens and sheep and going for car rides.  He has been attending puppy classes at the local obedience and beginners agility school, going for walks into town, going to the outdoor markets and visiting with my family members.  At this time they are also joining our pack on daily hikes into the forest and ending with a swim in the pond. 

Feel free to visit and inspect our home !

RAVEN  has  found  his  family!



MANY,  MANY, MANY  more pictures on  FACEBOOK


GrCan.,Gr.Am.,CFC Ch.
Gabizos du Picourlet
Daille du Picourlet
Cascadet du Pic d'Arbizon
BISS Toulicou du Picourlet
Vianne du Pic d'Arbizon
Chistera du Meya
BISS Toulicou du Picourlet
Paloma du Meya
Estive du Meya
Troubadour de l'Estive
Navarette de l'Estaube
Neige d'Or de La Griffe Pyreneenne
V'Meya de la Roche au Blaireau Troubadour de l'Estive
Muscade de La Roche au Blaireau
Chaparral's Fine Fettle
Hivernal du Val du Vent Dore
Bandit de la Tuile au Loup
Merlot du Grand Bestiolan
Zoe de la Tuile au Loup
Pimprenelle de la Grand Bestiolan
Uom de la Tuile au Loup
Iena du Grand Bestiolan
Can.Am.Ch.Chaparral's Pooka2nd
BISS Ch.Ourson de l'Oustaou de Padel CD
Jeronimo du Mauna Kea
Myrtille de l'Oustaou de Padel
Chaparral's Just Crochet
Ch.Chaparral's Eminence Rouge HST
Chaparral's Pooka



PRIYA (female)

SAGE (male)

Priya and Sage are two beautiful smooth-faced Pyrenean Shepherds (Pyr Sheps) that have been raised together for 7 years and are two very beautiful examples of the rare Smooth-faced variety of the Pyrenean Shepherd.

Eight years ago "Sage" was imported by his current owner as a puppy from the distinguished Smooth-faced Pyrenean Shepherd breeding kennel in France called La Vie Pastorale.  His registered name is Gavroche de la Vie Pastorale.  He is brindle in colour, has natural ears and a natural bob-tail.

Seven years ago "Priya" was imported by her current owner as a puppy from the well-known Swedish Pyrenean Shepherd kennel, Jomgarden.  Her registered name is Jomgarden's Priya.  She is fawn in colour, has natural ears and a natural bob-tail.

Both started their adventures in Texas, USA, where they were beloved family members and enjoyed a pampered lifestyle doing many activities and going to the occasional dog show.  After a few years they moved with their owner to start a new adventure in Ecuador where they enjoyed life in the beautiful rural countryside.  Sage was also exhibited at dog shows and has on record 5 AKC points toward his American Kennel Club Championship title as well as International wins at dog shows in Ecuador, Peru and Columbia.  Due to a very unfortunate long-term illness their owner is no longer available to care for them so with their best interests at heart he has reached out to us for help in rehoming to a suitable family, preferably together as they are very attached to one another.  With the support of the Owner, the Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America Rescue Committee, the original foreign breeders, and other dedicated breeders in the USA that want the best of care for the breed around the world we would like you to consider providing a forever home for these adult dogs.  I have taken on their care and fostering of them until an appropriate family can be found and feel free to make any inquiries.  You can make direct inquiries to me at or the Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America (see website).

These young dogs arrived at my home October 13th where they made themselves right at home. It has been a pleasure to get to know them while preparing for another great life adventure, in yet another country.  They are registered with the American Kennel Club and ownership can be transferred.  They are excellent examples of this rare variety/type--the Smooth-faced Pyrenean Shepherd and can be shown or enjoyed in the many sports actvities being offered for dogs at this time.  They are up-to-date on their vaccinations, parasite-free and have had regular veterinarian care.  They are not neutered or spayed.  They will have had a general health examination, eye examination and will be integrated into our stable pack of dogs while with us to give them a great start for their new family.  They are a little overweight at the moment but that won't last long.  Superb personalities, calm, energetic, happy, joyful and affectionate in nature these two are very attached to one another.  They are quiet, crate trained and very obedient which is a wonderful tribute to their upbringing.  A truly fabulous pair of dogs that love running around playing with each other and also going for long hikes.  If you are at all interested in finding out more about these dogs, whether or not they would suit your family, or just want to follow their progress at our home please contact me and I will keep you informed as to when they will be available for adoption. 

Thank you for your consideration and interest in these dogs.  Visit Youtube for videos: 

Susan Buttivant, Chaparral Kennels

Yes, they are little busy bodies but if you've time for a long walk every day they are quite suited to live in any environment.  They desire, above all else, your companionship so they may not be suitable in families where they will be left alone for a full day.   Their origins as a bossy little sheep herding dog dictates that they must have just as bossy an owner.   Built for leaping and bounding, channeling their energy into competition sports such as herding, agility or disc dog trials are extracurricular activities that all the family members can participate in with their Pyrenean Shepherd.  I welcome anyone interested in the breed to come and visit us at our home, see how we raise our puppies and experience our breathtaking farm environment and the  joy and pleasure we get from our P'tit Bergers and P'tit Bassets, as well as all the other animals.

Our retired adult dogs  make excellent companions for a single adult or a couple leading a calmer lifestyle yet still wanting to enjoy the pleasure of owning such a marvelous breed.   Still requiring daily exercise,  the retired individuals do not demand the playful amusements an adolescent puppy seeks out, yet they still enjoy fetching a squeaky toy and learning new skills such as Therapy Dog work or training for Rally, Obedience or Tracking competitions.  Sometimes a mature youngster also becomes available and they are also well-trained and full of youthful energy which needs to be expended on long hikes or training for working on a farm or doing performance events such as agility.  All are extremely well-mannered house dogs, house-trained, well socialized, completely obedience trained, accustomed to other pets and livestock and some have basic agility skills or herding training.   They can also make excellent companions while setting a good example with the introduction of a new puppy.

If you are interested in learning more about adopting an older companion email me, Susan, or text, or telephone 905-522-0590
and inquire about their personalities and if they would suit your family.

If you have a Pyr Shep in need of assistance or a new home please contact us as well and we can help you with this endeavour.

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