The Pyrenean Shepherd is truly a hidden treasure in Canada.  They make brilliant, devoted family companions.  Yes, they are little busy bodies but if you've time for a long walk every day they are quite suited to live in any environment.  They desire, above all else, your companionship so they may not be suitable in families where they will be left alone for a full day.   Their origins as a bossy little sheep herding dog dictates that they must have just as bossy an owner.   Built for leaping and bounding, channeling their energy into competition sports such as herding, agility or disc dog trials are extracurricular activities that all the family members can participate in with their Pyrenean Shepherd.  I welcome anyone interested in the breed to come and visit us at our home, see how we raise our puppies and experience the joy and pleasure we get from our P'tit Bergers and P'tit Bassets, as well as all the other animals.

For a puppy or adult to be sold as a "purebred", it must be eligible to be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).  This is the law in Canada.  If the breeder claims that the puppies they are selling are purebred then you are legally entitled to a Canadian Kennel Club Registration Certificate at no extra cost.  The sale of purebred dogs is governed by the Federal Animal Pedigree Act (APA).  Selling a puppy without papers automatically makes it a non-purebred dog.  If a certificate of registration is NOT provided by the seller within six months of the date of sale, the buyer can lay a charge against the seller for violation of the Animal Pedigree Act Article 64.  The penalty for violation of the APA can be a fine of up to $50,000.  If your puppy is not registered ask to see the parents Registration Certificate to make sure the owner has the breeding rights for the parents. 


For more information on the care of a Pyr Shep puppy and socialization visit our "Care and Training the Berger des Pyrenees" page.

For information about activities you and your family can participate in with your Pyr Shep visit our Work and Play Page to meet some of the
Pyr Sheps from Chaparral who are enjoying active lives and learn how you can participate in these activities with your Pyr Shep as well.

If you don't live nearby and would like to meet one of our Pyr Sheps in your area contact us by email or phone 705-932-1004 (E.S.T.)

  Our Sales Contract 
The purpose of our sales contract is to describe to the Buyer what safeguards and guarantees
can be expected from an ethical breeder, demonstrate the integrity if the breeder, and
protect the interests of both the Breeder and Buyer.  We offer
The security of always knowing the dog is welcome to return to us due to unforseen circumstances.  Ask us to email you a copy of our sales contract.




RBIS, Can.Am.Champion Gabizos du Picourlet 

was bred to

Can.Ch. Chaparral's Pooka 2nd RN

Puppies born June 12th, 2017

1 Fawn Male   &  1 Brindle Female


In the Spring of 2018


 Ch.Korto de la Tuile au Loup                           will be bred to                                      Chaparral's Canadienne

"Korto" is a beautiful Belgian import at Terra Blue Kennels in the U.S.   
"Candy" is from our own breeding of two magnificent parents.  Her sire is  Int. Ch. of Beauty Athos du Domaine des Elweis from France.   Her dam is our own Best in Specialty Show, Cdn. & Am. Ch. Chaparral's Hoopla.

We expect medium-sized, fawn, rough-faced puppies.  All health testing results normal for both dogs. 

Ch. Korto de la Tuile au Loup
Erable de la Tuile au Loup

Vagabond de la Tuile au Loup Ferrieres de la Capely(Cecire X Eglantine)
Grenade du Pic d'Arbizon(Chiroulet de l'Estaube X Avoine du Pic d'Arbizon)
Camelia de la Tuile au Loup Vagabond de la Tuile au Loup(Ferrieres de la Capely x Grenade du Pic d'Arbizon)
Zoe de la Tuile au Loup(Uoms de la Tuile au Loup x Julia)
Vadrouille des Plaines de Tigny Origan de l'Opale Fleurie
Grim (Bellocq X Cadix)
Jaspille de l'Oustaou de Padel(Arrens X Fede de l'Oustaou de Padel)
Sarrat de l'Oustaou de Padel
Marron du Grand Bestiolan(Jacou de l'Oustaou de Padel X Ibis du Grand Bestiolan)
Jasse de l'Oustaou de Padel(Arrens x Fede de l'Oustaou de Padel)
Chaparral's Canadienne
Can.Am.CFC Ch.Gabizos du Picourlet
Daille du Picourlet
Cascadet du Pic d'Arbizon(Toulicou du Picourlet x Vianne du Pic d'Arbizon)
Chistera du Meya(Toulicou du Picourlet x Paloma du Meya)
Estive du Meya
Troubadour de l'Estive(Navarret de l'Estaube x Neige d'Or de la Griffe Pyreneenne)
V'Meya de la Roche au Blaireau(Troubadour de Estive x Muscade de la Roche au Blaireau)
Can.Am.BISS Ch.Chaparral's Hoopla
Ch.Chaparral's Eminence Rouge
BISS Ch.Chaparral Gascon de La Brise(LaBrise Cotton-Tail Rabbit x Lutece de la Brise)
Olivia de l'Oustaou de Padel HS(Mouthoumet de l'Oustaou de Padel x H'Ancolie de l'Oustaou de Padel)
Ch.Chaparral's Pooka
BISS Ourson de l'Oustaou de Padel
Chaparral's Espirit d'Argent

We are planning to breed Chaparral's Fine Fettle , aka "Fifi"  in 2018

Updates will be published a.s.a.p.


Hivernal du Val du Vent Dore (aka Hiver)         will be bred to        Chaparral's Hello Heaven  (aka Hayloh)
in March of 2018.

Beautiful black puppies, rough-faced and smooth-faced,  will be expected  the beginning of summertime. Both of these dogs are trained for the sports of agility, tracking, scent work, obedience work, rally and trick dog work.  They compete and perform at a variety of venues in Southern Ontario and will be offered for reservation by their owner, Tricia Waples.

Hivernal du Val du Vent Dore
Bandit de la Tuile au Loup
Merlot du Grand Bestiolan
Baladin du Grand Bestiolan X  Campille de l'Estaube
Zoe de la Tuile au Loup
Uom de la Tuile au Loup X  Julia
Pimprenelle du
Grand Bestiolan
Uom de la Tuile au Loup
Laruns du Domaine des Genots X Feline du Grand Bestiolan
Iena du Grand Bestiolan
Flash du Grand Bestiolan X Virguile
Chaparral's Hello Heaven
Chaparral's Pyrenean
Gabizos du Picourlet
Daille du Picourlet X Estive du Meya
Chaparral's French Tryst
Athos du Domaine des Elweis X Chaparral's Hoopla
Honeysuckle at
Hivernal du Val du Vent Dore
Bandit au Tuile de Loup X Pimprenelle du Grand Bestiolan
Chaparral's Pansy
Ourson de l'Oustaou de Padel X Chaparral's Hoopla

INQUIRE  TO  TRICIA  WAPLES for more detailed information :


Two year old female and her male sibling available in British Columbia available from breeder.  Email Margaret Byron  for more information about these siblings.
 Experienced dog owners required as they are an extremely intelligent breed so with a lot of energy.

Our retired adult dogs  make excellent companions for a single adult or a couple leading a calmer lifestyle yet still wanting to enjoy the pleasure of owning such a marvelous breed.   Still requiring daily exercise,  the retired individuals do not demand the playful amusements an adolescent puppy seeks out, yet they still enjoy fetching a squeaky toy and learning new skills such as Therapy Dog work or training for Rally, Obedience or Tracking competitions. 

Sometimes a mature youngster also becomes available and they are also well-trained and full of youthful energy which needs to be expended on
long hikes or training for working on a farm or doing performance events such as agility.

All are extremely well-mannered house dogs, house-trained, well socialized, completely obedience trained, accustomed to other pets and livestock and some have basic agility skills or herding training.   They can also make excellent companions while setting a good example with the introduction of a new puppy.

If you are interested in learning more about adopting an older companion email me, Susan, or telephone 905-522-0590
and inquire about their personalities and if they would suit your family.

Occasionally we hear of Pyr Sheps that have come from other countries or breeders, dogs that are lost or found and are in need of assistance or rehoming. You can contact us to inquire if there are any of these dogs available for rehoming. 

If you have a Pyr Shep in need of assistance or a new home please contact us as well and we can help you with this endeavour.

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