and it is spelled
A n g e l a  &   "R a ll y"

In 2011 Angela and Rally stepped into the limelight with an audition for the entertaining  2012 television program   "Canada's Got Talent" on CityTV.  After a number of auditions we were all thrilled that the judging panel was able to appreciate how extraordinary these two atheletes really are and they were both called back to perform for the 2012 taped TV show audition night.  Now among all their other accomplishments, they are  TV STARS !  
They can be seen on one of the first programs airing the beginning of March 2012--Toronto Auditions and subsequent shows at the program progresses.

Here is a You Tube link to Angela and Rally's performance interviews at the 2012 Canada's Got Talent televison show:

In April we attended her performance along with hundreds of other fans and supporters.  The cheering was deafening and Angela and Rally did not disappoint!  

Angela and Rally love playing with a frisbee.
Angela and Rally love doing agility.

Angela & Rally at:


see Rally's stage debut in a production of

If their feats in the air and on the ground were not enough.....................
Rally headed for the water and successfully competed in a Dock Diving competition!

FRIZBEE TITLES: ADD, ADDCh, BDF, and Bronze title
FLYBALL TITLES:  FMX (Flyball Master Excellent, 10000 points)  & #2 Pyr Shep '07
RPT (Retrieval Proficiency Test)
2007 Skyzhound Disc Champion

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