When you're between a rock and a hard place

sometimes you need a helping hand.

Rescue Adoptions for
Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens
Bergers des Pyrenees (Pyrenean Shepherds)

Gia was rescued from an animal control shelter by a wonderful lady, Molly, who works with Southern Cross German Shepherd Dog Rescue.  While visiting this particular shelter Molly came across this pitiful looking and frightened dog that caught her eye so she brought her home in hopes eventually of finding her a new family. 

Molly named her new rescue, Gia, and after a few inquiries she soon realized
that Gia was not the mongrel she thought her to be but, in fact, she was a
Pyrenean Shepherd.

It wasn't long before the allure of the Pyrenean personality captured Molly's heart
and now Gia has a permanent home with Molly .

Molly writes:  "She is the beating half of my heart - with me at all times - a clown 
to make me smile when I am sad and always the first dog in my face  
when I wake up in the morning. I don't know who lost her or threw her away but they have no clue about how valuable a  treasure they gave up."

I found this Petit running loose in the suburbs.  She was a fairly young dog but her physical and mental condition aged her beyond her years.  She was terrified and needed to be lassoed to catch her then drag her into a dog cage to transport her home.  She was very thin and was a solid mass of mats, her ears were matted to her body and her eyes were almost closed with the matted hair around them.  I immediately took her to my veterinarian where they examined her, shaved her felted coat off her body and rid her of parasites.  I brought her home the same day along with treatments for ulcers on her skin and in her ears.

For a week she would not allow anyone to touch her.  Slowly she watched me and the dogs from her enclosure under the kitchen table and we eventually earned her trust.  In three months time she looked beautiful and was running around the yard tossing toys in the air, playing with the other dogs and rejoicing  her new life. 

The time had come to find her a new family and the Elkovitch Family responded to her call.

The Elkovitch family writes:
"Garbo and all the Elkovitch Clan. Garbo is over 10 now and is just like a puppy. She just loves everything." 2006

Sandy was a neutered male, 12 years old and in need of a new family.  He is now enjoying the company of two other senior Petits and adding zest to his new family's home.

"Hi Susan - just to let you know Sandy is settling in fine. The introduction to the other dogs went really well - lots of sniffing and wagging and there were no quarrels at mealtime. They seem to have accepted him as one of the pack. He's currently snoozing in his bed beside the computer after a little walkies."


Maggie was originally found by her first owner in an animal shelter as a young puppy.  Taken in by her adorable looks she adopted her only to find out her breed characteristics weren't compatable with her lifestyle.  Two years later I was contacted to help rehome her.  She is a lovely Petit that was adopted by a new family with a week!  She is now with a wonderful family that already has an one of our Petits and just happened to phone me at the same time looking for another!  Everything is working out well.