I was born 9 months and 1 day after my parents were married at 3:55 a.m. December 26, 1961 at Public General Hospital in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. This day also happened to be my dad's only sister Dorian's 19th birthday. I weighed 7 pounds 12 ½ ounces and measured 18" long. My hair was brown and my eyes were blue. My parents and I lived at R.R. # 5, Blenheim, Ontario. I ate my first solid food (pablum) when I was 3 ½ weeks old and was eating baby food at 3 months old. I started eating by myself when I was 12 ½ months old. I liked car rides and the swing. I didn't like (1963) tomatoes, muskmelon, tractors & cars to start.

I was a happy baby! I smiled at 4 weeks, I held up my head at 2 weeks, I sat up at 5 ½ months and I stood up at 9 months. I started walking at 9 ½ months, said mama at 9 ½ months, cut my first tooth at 7 ½ months and said dada at 7 months.

I had lots of things to say and my first words sounded like "erb, nanie, nory and shishal" (Herb, Edna, Dory and Herschel). My first bright saying was "I'll ger your musintouchet" My first visit was to Aunt Edna's and Uncle Herb's. My first playmate was my little brother Kirkland William. My favorite toy was my doll Sally. My favorite stories were "Farm ABC" and "Mary Poppins". My favorite animal was Puff my white kitten.

This is a picture of me when I was 12 weeks old.

This is a picture of my dad & I

This is a picture of my mom & I

This is a picture of my Uncle Richard, my Aunt Dorian and myself

Here are some special things I did:

When I was one I walked, danced, played in birthday cake and talked on Uncle Ron's tape recorder.

When I was two I fought with Auntie Brenda, tried very hard to blow out the candles, sang Happy Birthday & Jingle Bells, on February 14, 1964 I was the flower girl for my Aunt Dorian and Uncle Ron and later that summer I was the flower girl for Diane Welwood (a neighbor of my Grandma & Grandpa Guerin's). On May 22, 1964 I got scratched by a dog on the face and had to have 3 stitches. On October 21, 1964 I went to the hospital with bronchitis and Dr. MacDonald probed my throat to find everything okay.

When I was three I had my birthday dinner at Grandma Guerin's and talked a lot and made believed I was someone else. I had my tonsils out at St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario on October 20, 1965 by Dr. Wong.

When I was four I had the measles in June 1966. Mom, Dad, Kirk and I moved to our new home on Eugenie St., Chatham. And I started kindergarten on Sept. 6th, 1966 at Queen Elizabeth II Public School.

When I was five I had x-ray and blood tests on June 8, 1967 and discovered that I would have to receive allergy shots once a week. I had 39 tests for different allergies, and I am allergic to long haired animals. In July of that year I had the mumps on the left side, and just in time for Christmas and my 6th birthday I got the Chicken pox.

I had German measles in April 1969, sprained the arch of my foot in October 1970, had mono & pneumonia the summer of 1980 and broke my arm getting out of the pool in the summer of 1986.

I also took ballet in 1967 & 1968 - which would explain why I am so graceful today - tumbling in 1969 and puppetry in 1970. I belonged to Explorers and C.G.I.T. as a youngster. Have volunteered with Scouts Canada both at the Beaver level and in the Rover Section. I have also done many other volunteer jobs including: program committee for Kenesserie Camp, Children's International Festival, Ribfest, 24 Hour Relay, Corporate Challenge, University of Waterloo homecoming - just to name a few.

I attended Queen Elizabeth Public School, Chatham Collegiate Institute and received my B.A. from the University of Waterloo in Sociology in 1984.

University was a wonderful experience, and was probably the time when I had more money (because I was living off dad's) and a lot of fun. While at University I was secretary of the Village II Student Council, played flag football, broomball and was involved on the Orientation Committee. I had lots of wonderful friends, studied a bit, was an excellent caps player, supported the Bombshelter (campus pub), and Oktoberfest. To discover more about my life at Waterloo check out the newsletter I did on the 10th Anniversary of my Year on West B.

In high school I spent my summers corn detassling, and then working as a counselor at Kenesserie Camp. During University I worked as part of the recreation staff at South Western Regional Center.

I started my career at Bell Canada in February 1986 as a long distance operator. In the fall of 1987 I managed to transfer into the Windsor Construction Control Center and went to the Chatham Construction office in the spring of 1988. On April 19th, 1993 I started working in the Access Remote Provisioning Office in London, Ontario for Bill Allen. Presently I am the only associate in the 519 ARP group and I have 2 managers (coaches) John & Terry. If you really want to know about my work, or just what a wonderful person I am you can send an e-mail to either one of my bosses.

I spend my leisure time, surfing the web, making wine, painting t-shirts, playing co-ed slo-pitch, golfing and traveling. This past May I went to Guardalavaca, Cuba. Other places I have been include: England, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Florida, Quebec, British Columbia, Las Vegas, New York City, Mexico and Margarita Island.

This is just a photo of my being acrobatic.