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Egypt Of The Pharaohs

06 Apr 2002

Who: Sir Alan Gardiner

What: Egypt Of The Pharaohs

Where: Balfour Books, College Street, Toronto

When: Good Friday (April) 2000

Why: The Insider and I were stalking the elusive Good Friday Procession in Little Italy. I say "stalking" because the event is not very well advertised, despite its size. We could find no procession route in the paper or on the Internet, which was about all the research one can reasonably be expected to perform in these enlightened times. Being completely ignorant then, we arrived hours early, and so had a rather good meal and dropped into a used book store in which I bought lots of books. Not as many as I had wanted, but all that I could carry. Am I the Walrus, or the Carpenter? Koo koo cachoo.

It seems like you can pick up almost any non-picture book on Ancient Egypt, flip to the bibliography, and find a reference to Gardiner's Egypt Of The Pharaohs. In print since 1961, I figured it would be an easy score, used. It is. And the only reason I've waited this long was to find a copy in decent shape with good paper and respectably large print.

My copy is a 1978 reprint, previously owned by Aeron Rowland of Toronto. An inscription says the book comes from "Oxford", but it's not clear which one as the volume was printed in the USA.

Has clear, crisp photographs of the Narmer Palette (pp. 403-404), front on one side of the page, back on the other.