"Thus open the gates of paradise."

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Egyptian Legends And Stories

06 Apr 2002

Who: Majory Veronica Seton-Williams

What: Egyptian Legends And Stories

Where: The Manchester Museum, Manchester

When: 7 April 2000

Why: When in England, I try to limit the number of books I buy by applying The Rules:

  1. Don't buy anything you think you can get in Canada. It will be cheaper there.
  2. Do buy good stuff by local authors. While this is probably equivalent to Rule #1, it does stress the need to spread respect the local traditions and to spread around some good karma.
  3. Don't buy anything heavy. I may rethink this rule, because it prevented me from picking up a very nice hardback copy of Description De L'Egypte.
  4. Nothing in a foreign language, especially German because I don't speak German yet. French is acceptable, but only if it has gorgeous illustrations.

Nevertheless, on my final evening in England, I was asked: "How many books did you buy?" (6). "And how many did you bring?" (4).

Egyptian Legends and Stories has a couple of the groovy greats -- "The Story of Sinue" and "The Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor", plus 33 other stories about the Gods, creation stories, and the like, all written in modern English. No Narmer palette, but it does contain a number of black and white drawings of the gods, starting with Maat, so how can you go wrong?