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Egyptian Treasures From The Egyptian Museum In Cairo

06 Apr 2002

Who: Tiradritti (ed)

What: Egyptian Treasures from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Where: Chapters, Waterloo

When: Late January, 2000

Why: I've been coveting this book for a couple of months now, which is my way of pretending that this wasn't a complete impulse buy. I first saw it a couple of weeks before Christmas, and would have picked it up right then and there, except that I call a moratorium on book buying before the holidays because of some sense that I should be acquiring trinkets and bobbles with which to buy off loved ones instead.

It's an enormous book (10" x 14", 416 pages), very thick, with tonnes of lovely pictures of ancient things. (The photos really are a cut above most you see in other books. I did a side-by-side comparison of a couple statues with other books, and there was just no comparison.) There are reasonably detailed write-ups describing what you're gaping at. It's the sort of thing that you can pick up and dip into, graze a bit, then put it down, nourished. Slightly more convenient than going to a museum and seeing it for real.