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Mysteries Of The Mummies

06 Apr 2002

Who: Dr Rosalie David (ed.)

What: Mysteries Of The Mummies: The story of the Manchester University investigation

Where: Quinto Bookshop. Charing Cross Road, London.

When: 10 April 2000

Why: It contains a black and white photo of Perenbast, the mummy in the Manchester museum that I went all the way to England to visit. No picture of the Narmer palette, but plenty of pictures of mummies in various stages of undress.

I found this book alongside Romer's Egypt in the basement of a very unpromising looking bookshop in London. The lesson to be learned here: don't judge a bookstore by its frontage.

This is a nice old book, a tie-in with a BBC television show, by the look of it. It has changed hands several times from the inscriptions on the inside cover. "To Pa/ With fondest love, Judy, John, and Woo Woo. 16 Aug 79" There are a number of newspaper and magazine clippings, all with stories about mummies, or about television programs about mummies. Oh -- and there's a colour picture of Xena -- Princess Warrior. Easily the best 7 I spent that day.