"Thus open the gates of paradise."

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Pharaohs of the Sun: Akenaten, Nefertiti, Tutankhamen

06 Apr 2002

Who: Freed, Markowitz, D'Aria (ed.s)

What: The catalog from the museum show of the same name. Articles about the Amarna period of Ancient Egypt accompanied by lots of very nice photos of artifacts in the exhibit.

Where: Chapters, Waterloo

When: End of January, 2000

Why: Consolation prize. I'd been so caught up in the "Egypt In The Age of the Pyramids" show that's coming to the ROM this spring, that I completely failed to do anything about visiting this show during its stay at the Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston. On the day I realized it would be over in about 10 days, I tried to find a way to get me to Boston, but the only flight I could get would more than pay for a root canal, and so I bailed. I picked up the book so that I would at least feel as if I had been there.

And then, while reading the introduction, it said that the exhibit would be traveling on to Chicago in the Spring/Summer. It's not too late! The spirits did it all in one night! (Of course they can; they can do anything they like.)