"Thus open the gates of paradise."

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2000 -- A Year Of Films

06 Apr 2002

I haven't told you everything, you know. I saw things that I shied away from mentioning. There was nothing deliberate in it; I just never found the moment in which to tell you. So if you see something here that surprises you, something that you feel I should have said before -- please forgive me. A person can change, but only so fast.

Films Which Delight

Almost Famous
La Fille Sur Le Pont
Shanghai Noon
State And Main

Films Which Feel Like Being Slapped

All About My Mother
Dancer In The Dark
Requiem For A Dream


Films Of Underrated Virtue

American Psycho
Boys Don't Cry
The Ninth Gate

Worthy Experiments That Skirted Success

The Cell
Love's Labour's Lost


Films Soiled By Indulgence

The Eye Of The Beholder
Mission To Mars
The Virgin Suicides

Films Made Impotent From Being Earnest

The Cradle Will Rock
Holy Smoke
One Day In September