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All About My Mother

06 Apr 2002

Cecilia Roth as Manuela
Photo: Official Web Site

I hadn't been to a film by Pedro Almodóvar since -- what was it? "High Heels"? "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!"? I really hadn't liked anything since "Matador", so I wasn't expecting much when, having a couple of hours to kill, I took in the next available film at some cinema, which was "All About My Mother." But what do you know? Pedro's made a good film, which is fabulous. Slagging bad films is fun, but I'd rather praise good work any day.

Unfortunately, it's easier to slag than to praise, and so I'm at loss for meaningful words here. It's a story about a woman -- actually a number of women who are all going through particularly difficult parts of their lives. Manuela (Cecilia Roth) is the one whose life drives the story. She is coping with the loss of a loved one by filling in in a stage production of "A Streetcar Named Desire". She becomes the stars' personal assistant and... and... why should you be interested in this at all? Why are you reading a pointless plot synopsis? Will it really enhance your enjoyment of the film? Plainly no. Look: I came out of this film feeling wiped, blinking at the afternoon sun. It's well acted and well made, and lacks the campiness and silliness of his earlier films. See it and like it.

Now get lost.

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