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Arlington Road

06 Apr 2002

This film looked as if the director had been wearing boxing gloves when he made it. There is nothing subtle about this film, and twice I came very close to shouting, "Stop shouting!" at the screen. It was only the possible irony of the situation that restrained me. I tried to imagine what the film makers were thinking -- "Jeff: you're holding back.Give! Give!" And Bridges does give until it hurts.

My prime reason for going to this movie: Joan Cusack. She plays "a conflicted woman who is the devoted wife of Oliver Lang and mother of Brady, their son" (that's from the official web site.) "Conflicted?" It would have been a good thing if whoever wrote this copy had at least watched the film. She was not conflicted at all.

May I save you from having to watch this clunker? Tim Robbins' character is the bomber. Jeff Bridges' character finds out, tries to tell the FBI, but they don't believe him. He is blown up by a car bomb planted by Robbins' character. Darth Vader is Luke's father, and Spock dies.

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