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Boys Don't Cry

06 Apr 2002

I finally saw "Boys Don't Cry" the other night. This is the movie where, and I'm not giving anything away here, a young woman with a gender identity crisis dresses as a man and... falls in love. Or maybe "goes on the prowl." Or "falls in with a bad crowd." Take your pick; they're all roughly accurate but you have to consider them all to apprehend the story.

The thing that makes this film work for me is that the cross-dressing is only the starting point for the movie. There is enough character development and story for things to continue even after she is found out. Contrast that to something like "M Butterfly" which relied a bit too much on the gender switch being a surprise to the other characters (though not the audience in that case). "M. Butterfly" flew a bit flat for me, while "Boys Don't Cry" moves with a life of its own, movement that is possible because the characters have been written and played so well.

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