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Bridgit Jones's Diary

06 Apr 2002

It's been about six weeks since I've seen a movie in a proper theatre. That's about the longest dry stretch in about twelve years. No reason for it, just other things to do. And so when I had an allegedly "free" night last Wednesday, and "Bridgit Jones's Diary" was playing at my favourite rep cinema, I went.

It was certainly not bad at all. And as usual, I want to spent these precious moments by mentioning the supporting cast.

Jim Broadbent
Photo from the BBC's web site
Jim Broadbent plays Mr. Jones, and he is fabulous as usual. He's a British actor who works quite a bit, often in supporting roles. Maybe you've seen him in Brazil, The Crying Game, Life Is Sweet, Richard III, Little Voice, or Topsy-Turvy.

Sally Phillips
Photo from the BBC's web site
This is Sally Phillips, of "Smack The Pony" fame. She works mostly on British television, though she has been doing a bit of film work. She plays Shazzer, a friend of Bridgit's. It's a small role, and you don't really have to do much with it, but I was just delighted to see her. 

The principals were fine too -- Renée Zellweger does a credible job being British, as does Hugh Grant (well done, Hugh). Colin Firth is a bit more subdued than usual, but plays his character with the correctness it demands. If you're the sort who follows these kinds of things, you might recall the hoo-ha over the way Zellweger put on weight to play this role. There was a big deal made over it, and I recall her costars all commenting on it, using the word "brave". Is it coming back to you yet? Sure it is. I kind of forgot about that until the end of the film, and then thought -- she put on weight? Where???

And the final bit of trivia -- Claire Skinner has a rather small part as "Magda", a character I doubt many would remember. She also played Natalie the plumber in Mike Leigh's film "Life Is Sweet" with Jim Broadbent. As her credit rolled past at the end of the film, I thought "Magda" would be a fine name for my hitherto anonymous cat, and so "Magda" she was christened. Being a cat though, she does not come when called. 

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