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Bringing Out The Dead

06 Apr 2002

Patricia Arquette and Nicholas Cage

I saw this only a couple days after "Fight Club", one heavy film on the tail of another. Another couple of days might have been a good thing.

So: Martin Scorsese's new film. Nicholas Cage plays an ambulance driver who is suffering from burnout. He sees the ghost of a woman he could not save, and tortures himself as a result. It's a long creepy ride that had be squirming in my seat for about 2 hours. Not bad.

I've read reviews of this film that have criticized it as being uneven and not to scratch with his other films. Sure, it's no "Casino". On the other hand, it's not as dreary as "The Age of Innocence," either. There are parts when the pace flags, and you wonder why the story has stalled out, but it soon finds its head again and you're off at 60 miles per hour. Compare it to almost every other film that's playing this weekend, you'll find it's one of the most competently made, and possibly thought-provoking (though you have to work at it. Nothing comes for free.)

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