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Buena Vista Social Club

06 Apr 2002

A couple of months ago, I got it in my head that the album "The Buena Vista Social Club" was probably worth listening to. I don't know where that came from -- probably a subliminal idea planted by hours of listening to CBC Radio. I found a copy and slotted it into my creaking CD player. And then I played it again. And again. The next afternoon, I just put the CD on repeat and listened to it for a couple of hours while I puttered around the house. I guess it's not bad.

So when Wim Wenders made a film about the album, he really couldn't go too far wrong, could he? The film, shot on Sony Handicam and Digital Beta Cam (I think), does a very deft job at introducing the musicians in a way that we don't get lost in all of the these people. If only I could have the same graceful of introduction when I meet people in life!

The music is lovely, and even if the image quality doesn't have the glossy flush I crave, it's just fine.

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