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The Cell

06 Apr 2002

Here's a film that has "style" written all over it, which is great, but what's underneath the graffiti? Is there anything we should know about?

Yeah, not really. In "The Cell", a process has been devised for one person to enter the world inside another person's head. Everything in the movie is designed to get us to that point where we go inside because that's where some of the most creative, baroque, and just plain fabulous filmmaking hides out. Nothing else matters. There's some contrived story about a serial killer who falls into a coma before the feds can find out where he has kidnapped a young woman, but pay it no mind. Wait for the surreal bits where Jennifer Lopez' character visits the killer's head. Those parts are outstanding.

I think I would have been quite satisfied if all the filler with Vince Vaughn as the investigating FBI agent had been axed and all the good bits had been presented simply as a demo reel. First time director Tarsem Singh has such a strong visual sense that I'm already looking forward to his next project. I can only hope he is given the freedom to pursue his vision and not be hampered by the usual Hollywood studio nonsense.

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