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06 Apr 2002

Mr. Beggs and I had been stalking this movie on and off for the last couple of weeks, but every time we thought we knew where it was hiding, we found it had slunk off just as we arrived, leaving only traces behind. After two weeks of fording streams and hacking our way though near impenetrable jungle, we finally cornered it at my favorite rep cinema. It was there, in the shadows and the dark, where we viewed it. Mercilessly.

Matthew Broderick plays a teacher who somehow gets involved his high school's election for student council president. Reese Witherspoon plays one of the candidates. Hilarity ensues. And in the process, everyone gets what they deserve, which is something I find attractive in a film. Who knew I was such a moralist.

So yes, rent this film when it comes out, or get the headphones next time you fly.

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