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Eye Of The Beholder

06 Apr 2002

The red shift on this film should make it practically invisible to human eyes, and yet it's still in theatres weeks after being released.

Ewan McGregor is not having a ripping year. Remember "Rogue Trader"? I don't. How about that overblown bit of summer flotsam called "The Phantom Menace"? Now there's "Eye Of The Beholder", a decidedly stylish flick in which he plays a British agent working in the USA. He gets a call from the boss who asks him to look into some dodgy activities undertaken by his (the boss') son. One stakeout later, the son is dead, and McGregor is on the trail of the woman who committed the brutal murder (Ashley Judd).

That's about all the plot you're going to get in the gorgeous looking film. The characters are a thin as the smoked salmon in the type of restaurants I don't go to. We follow the McGregor and Judd as they sonabulate across The Country (a.k.a. "The Big One"), killing and having delusions about their missing offspring.

"Huh?" I hear you say, and that's fortunate because I think you could devise a pretty good drinking game out of this movie. The rules are simple: Every time you loose track of what's going on, you take a drink. That's it. I'll even waive the "last person standing is the winner" rule because in this game, there can be no winners; you're watching "Eye Of The Beholder."

So let me stress the good points: Nice photography. I liked the bits with k.d. lang (she plays McGregor's controller); I've been waiting to see her act again since seeing "Salmonberries" almost a decade ago. She's got a screen presence that compels me to watch. And a fabulous nose. And I'm always happy to see Geneviève Bujold in pretty much any old thing, which she is here.

After the film, I asked Jazz Master Beggs: "Do you how could you could tell that they filmed the arctic scenes in Quebec instead of Alaska? It was all so clean." Think about it; it'll come to you.

Comments from the people sitting behind us: "That was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life!" I'm smelling OscarTM here.

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