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Fight Club

06 Apr 2002

"The first rule of Fight Club: No one talks about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club: No one talks about Fight Club."

This is tricky. I'd like to about this film a lot, but on the other hand, I don't want to spoil it. I went to see it cold. All I knew was that Edward Norton and Brad Pitt were in it. That's it. Now I'll see any film with Edward Norton in it because I consistently brings something interesting to the screen. As for Pitt, my expectations are usually low, and I just hope he doesn't get in the way. That usually helps me enjoy his work. Happily, both do good work in "Fight Club." They're joined by Helena Bonham Carter who continues the pattern in her recent role choices to look like death warmed over. In any other film, that'd be criticism, but here I hope it's complimentary, because that's exactly what was needed.

The first thing I noticed when the film began was the style. This film has a look and it's consistent throughout, and that's outstanding. The last David Fincher movie I saw was "Seven" in '95. I didn't much care for it. Four years later, there's nothing but improvement, a tighter reign on the material, and a better sense of where it's going.

This film is all character study and storytelling, and that makes it one of the more interesting films I've seen this year.

If you're of the mind to see it, do NOT read anything about it. If someone tries to tell you about it, ask them to wait until you've seen it too. Knowing about it will not help you enjoy it better.

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