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High Fidelity

06 Apr 2002

Here's a little charmer about a record store owner Rob Gordon (Cusack) whose girlfriend (Iben Hjejle) finally walks out on him. He spends the rest of the film categorizing his exgirlfriends and wondering why he was never able to stay with any of them. Could have been dreadful, given the premise, but the script steers clear of wallowing in self pity, and instead elevates the discussion to a philosophic nature. Good fun, I thought.

[Students take note. The Victors write history. The Losers write philosophy. The Victors don't read philosophy, or even their own history. And the result is? (20 marks, state your assumptions.)]

Do visit the film's Official Web Site even if you've already seen the film. There are video clips of Cusack, Jack Black and Todd Louiso giving their Top 5 lists of whatever seems to have been in their heads when Web camera was rolling.

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