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Le Diner De Cons

06 Apr 2002

A friend saw the film "Le dīner de cons" ("The Dinner Game") at the '98 Toronto Film Festival and had rated quite highly. That's why I went when it finally made its way to the local Berg over a year later, despite my not having a lot of success with other French comedies. There's something about humour that doesn't translate well from one culture to another.

And yet this one does. Terry Lhermite plays a man who needs to find an idiot to bring to a weekly dinner party -- a competition for the guests to being the biggest con they can. He finds one (Jacques Villeret). In short order, the man throws his back out, his wife walks out on him, and his idiot drops 'round the apartment. And then won't leave. It's a fun ride that leaves you thinking "it can't get any worse" and then it does, facilitated by the idiot.

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