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06 Apr 2002

Neat trick.

So I say go. It's intriguing, and the fact that you have to think draws you into the movie as a participant.

Joe PantolianoGuy Pearce plays Leonard, a man who has lost his ability to form long-term memories. Joe Pantoliano is Teddy, and Carrie-Anne Moss is Natalie. I invite you to figure out who wears what colour hat. That of course, is part of what makes this film fun to watch. But it is a challenge; you must pay attention or you run the risk of getting lost. Not that it's a struggle, but it's a change if you're used to watching reruns of "Scooby Doo".

If you've ready anything about this film already, you'll have heard the basic structure. The story starts at the end and the beginning simultaneously, then works its way to the middle. And somehow, there's a payoff by the time the credits roll, which is pretty good considering the way a story is normally told with an introduction, rising action, dénouement, falling action, and all that other theory they pumped into us in grade school.

The film starts with the end -- Leonard shoots Teddy in the head. I'm giving nothing away by telling you this. But it's what happens next that makes this film worth watching.

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