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06 Apr 2002

Saw "Orlando" for about the 6th time at the National Film Theatre, a ridiculously hard to find gem on London's South Bank. Honestly! I walked around for a good 20 minutes, trying to find the entrance to this vast building. It was especially maddening because I had been there just a couple hours earlier to buy the ticket, and I couldn't even find my way back. Apparently the pigeons consumed my trail of bread crumbs.

This is just about the most perfect film to see while holidaying in London. "Carrington" comes a close second. Tilda Swinton plays the Lord (then Lady) Orlando in this luxuriant adaptation of Virgina Woolf's book. As the lights went down, and the music started, my thoughts were all "ahhs" as the film washed over me like unhurried, comfortable sex.

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