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06 Apr 2002

Fellow Toronto Film Festival-goer Harry remarked that his schedule of films included more graphic adult films than ever before. Not that he had picked them that way, I'm sure. His point was that there were more to choose from than in years past. "Romance" was one of the movies on his list, and if I could remember what he had said about it, I might tell you. As it is, you'll have to do with my own eloquent review.


Sure, it's explicit. And it has good production values -- it looks and sounds like a medium budget art film. And yet, there was simply not enough there to hold my interest. Which is a neat trick, because I find well-photographed naked people to be fairly interesting. Don't know why. Biology, I suppose.

I had to look at the movie trailer again to recall the film's plot. Lovely woman loves man desperately. Man could care less. Man is a jerk. Man dies, woman moves on. The end.

The best thing about the movie -- theme music. If you watch the trailer, it's in the background.

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