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The Sixth Sense

06 Apr 2002

Ceci n'est pas un review.

I cannot make up my mind about this film. It's about a therapist who tries to help a boy who sees ghosts. Willis is the therapist, and as little as I'm an admirer of his works, I think he did a decent job. I often rail against bad storytelling -- superfluous characters, music videos, and video game tie-ins. None of that here. On reflection, the story was focused and consistent.So no real problems with the direction or the talent. The only tangible thing that I found detracting was the use of musical cues to tell me when to be scared, but that's par for the genre.

Why then, am I not enthusiastic about this film? I guess it comes down to the way I didn't much care about the main character, and even as his deepest pain was being revealed on screen, I was there sitting in the second row, thinking "yeah, yeah."

More fun was to see how high you can count using the names of Bruce Willis films. Here's how far I got:

  • The First Deadly Sin
  • Look Who's Talking Too
  • Die Hard 3
  • Four Rooms
  • The Fifth Element
  • The Sixth Sense

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