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Small Time Crooks

06 Apr 2002

Woody Allen and Tracey Ullman.
PHOTO: From the official web site.

How is it that Woody Allen can come out with two well-made films within the space of 10 months? How can anyone organize two such mammoth tasks in such as short amount of time? I suspect a compact with the devil.

This time out, he has put together a straightforward comedy, and I'm pleased to say it works quite well. The story is well told, and the performances are a lot of fun to watch. Elaine May steals it for me as a bizarre, scatterbrained in-law who, despite not being very bright, is at least true to her self, and free from airs. I'm sure that inside me, there's a middle-aged woman just like her, struggling to get out, even though I am a man, and too thin to hold anyone other than myself.

Glad to see the Woodman is getting the hang of working with cinematographer Fei Zhao. All the awkwardness of their first film together ("Sweet and Lowdown") is gone, and so the movie looks great. Better than great, it looks easy.

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