"Thus open the gates of paradise."

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06 Apr 2002

I saw STIGMATA last week. Another case of a brilliant trailer, but a wretched film. Pity. It has so many people whose work I really enjoy: Gabriel Byrne, Jonathan Pryce. Ok, two. It has two. And the trailer promised the supernatural, the invocation of languages long dead, the discovery of a lost holy book. All that.

Instead it delivered a loud, confused story that could be summed by the following points:

  • The Catholic church has people working for it who enjoy the power their position affords.
  • When miracles happen, Science cannot explain them. (Well, duh.)
  • Gabriel Byrne is hot.

I have a QuickTime version of the trailer on my computer. Whoever cut it together from the tailings of this movie did a better job than the film's editor did. But it'd be unfair to lay all the blame on the editing. It really must be shared between the writers who crafted such insipid dialog and the director whose vision of the film would have been improved by a little more reflection.