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06 Apr 2002

You have to understand. I had just seen "Stargate", which I realize is not a great film, but I have a certain affection for it nonetheless. James Spader is in it, and he has a certain naive charm.

He's also in "Supernova" which has pretty much no naive charm. Do you remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon with Bugs and Wiley Coyote? It's was one of the few cartoons where Wiley speaks, and he does so with a very smooth voice. He had a way of stretching out his self-proclaimed title, "Soooper Genius." In my mind's ear, I can hear him saying "Sooopernova" with the very same smugness.

Watching this film is like watching the first 7 minutes of a James Bond film. At the end, I was expecting the main feature to start, but instead they just ran some credits. You can interpret that two ways: either the film went by quickly, or else it was just a bit of eye candy that whets your appetite for something bigger. In this case, you can take your pick.

I could really have a good time taking this film apart bit by bit. It would be quite snotty, and it'd make me feel superior, but it would not, I'm sure, give you any hard information about the film. I say this just so we both know what's coming.

Figure 1: James Spader, in search of a story. Best of luck, Jimbo.
Figure 2: The cast, mostly shirtless. Don't know why. Perhaps they're hoping for a Gap tie-in.
Figure 3: The cast, being forced to watch the dailies. In the background, Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" is being played.
Figure 4: Lou "Diamond" Phillips, finding his character's center.

Well. Maybe that's enough.

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