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06 Apr 2002

It's Fall, and so all the Film Festival films from last year are finally leaking out to theatres near you. This one is Michael Winterbottom's newish film about three sisters living in London. England. The eerily familiar Gina McKee plays Nadia, a woman on the cusp of desperation, stumbling through a series of somewhat disastrous blind dates.

Her younger sister Molly (Molly Parker, providing CanCon) is about to give birth. She has a man (John Simm, from "Human Traffic"), though he's just quit his job and is wondering if Molly wouldn't be better without him.

Shirley Henderson plays the third sister Debbie. She has to contend with her young son and the tug of war between her and her ex-husband (Ian Hart, from just about everything made in Northern England these days).

Finally, Michael Nyman does the music, and you can't help but notice. Depending on what you think of him, that could be a good thing, or not. For me, it's like hearing the voice of a lover through a noisy crowd. If you hear your ex-lover, then you may need to reevaluate things.

Deliberate, character-driven stories are director Winterbottom's bread and butter, and this is no exception. Go with that expectation, and you'll be fine.

Gina McKee
Gina McKee in Wonderland


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