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Shakespeare And The Elizabethan World

06 Apr 2002

Gayle Gibson's Summer 99 course was entitled "Shakespeare And The Elizabethan World," a look at the Shakespeare's work and the society he lived in. I guess you could have guessed that from the title.

What'd we do? Watched bits of film adaptations, read extracts from the plays and sonnets, traced the lineage of the English monarchy, tried on mail shirts and pugnose bassinets, read the map of Hell by Dante, heard the story of the eggs in the Etruscan tomb (still one of my favourites), looked at a model of the Globe Theatre, and debated the merits of Kenneth Branagh. And on and on.

Single greatest revelation: Marlon Brando was actually quite good in "Julius Caesar". No mumbling, no whining. Runner up: John Gielgud had hair!

"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" Well what do you think?