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DeForest Kelley

06 Apr 2002

After a long illness, Star Trek's DeForet Kelley died on June 11, 1999.

DeForest Kelley

Kelley in a still from Star Trek. For extra credit, name the episode.

In the tributes I've read to Kelley, his fellow actors all say the proper things about how great he was to work with, and how he'll be missed. None of that brought me any closer to knowing anything about though. If I have any loved ones when I check out, I hope they will say something insightful about me. Or outlandish. That'd be fine too.

I have very mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I'd like to say something positive too, but only catty remarks present themselves. What else had he done post-Trek? I haven't a clue. A quick check of the Internet Movie Database reveals only one thing: Night of the Lepus made in 1972. There's a lot of stuff before Trek, but only Trek after Trek. I had felt certain he did a turn on the Love Boat, but that could be a false memory.

I guess I feel faintly uneasy that the television characters I have grown up with are... well, dying. How many of the cast of Gilligan's Island are still with us? (I do a quick count, and feel the wave of panic pass. Sheepishly I note that Bob Denver, Russell Johnson, Dawn Wells and Tina Louise are still living.) Where I live, there's an episode of old Trek on TV every night about 2 am. Perhaps I check it out tonight and raise a toast to the glowing screen.

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