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Doug Henning

06 Apr 2002

9 February 2000

Doug Henning, known to many Canadians as the Natural Law Party incumbent for Rosedale (Toronto), has died in Los Angeles at age 52. It was during the 1993 federal election that Mr. Henning, running on a platform heavily influenced by Transcendental Meditation, rose to the front of the national consciousness. "Canada needs to align itself with nature and gain the support of nature," he said. Together with party leader Neil Paterson, he expounded a vision of decreased crime, accidents, and other hardships which would be brought about with the use of yogic flyers -- devotees of TM who are able to bounce unusually high in the air while in the lotus position. This novel approach to politics did not gain the support of the electorate, and despite running 231 candidates, the party came away empty handed.

In recent years, Mr. Henning was involved with a plan for a theme park in Niagara Falls, Ontario called Veda Land which was to inspire visitors with floating buildings.

My personal connections with Henning: I knew his cousin, and a friend of mine had a fourth grade teacher whose husband roomed with Henning during University (McMaster).

Before entering political life, Mr. Henning enjoyed a career as a stage performer.