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Jean Vander Pyl

06 Apr 2002

Jean was the voice of Wilma Flintstone (in the backseat, far right), and a few characters on "The Jetsons" as well. Remember Rosie the Robot? Think: Wilma Flintstone with a bad head cold.

I remember seeing a short interview with Jean and the man who did the voice of Fred Flintstone (second from the left). While not married (as far as I know), they looked like a comfortable elderly couple, both quite unremarkable while simply seated, but once they spoke, eerily familiar. These were the people I listened to every lunch hour when I came home for lunch in public school. To see them in "life" was like seeing something you know you probably shouldn't see.

An obituary run by the BBC news reported that when The Flintstones ended its run in 1966, Vander Pyl was offered residuals or a lump-sum payment. She took the payment. I think that ever since then, not a moment passes on Earth when an episode of The Flintstones isn't playing. "If I got residuals, I wouldn't live in San Clemente. I'd own San Clemente," she would later say.

A silly conversation from the television show "Red Dwarf":

-- "Betty or Wilma?"
-- "Betty. I'd
go with Wilma. But I'd be thinking of Betty."