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John F. Kennedy, Jr.

06 Apr 2002

In fact, I didn't know you at all, and I don't know why anyone really gives a toss.

I may be a bit ahead of the curve here, since he has not yet be officially declared dead, but parts of the plane he was piloting have washed ashore at Martha's Vineyard and when that happens, I figure he's a goner. Last night, A&E played a biography of him. When they cut to commercials, they made mention of the ongoing search for him and his plane. The whole thing struck me as a bit opportunistic, let alone boring. What is JFK Jr.'s claim to fame? He founded the magazine George. That's it. If a plane went down, and it happened to contain the founder of any other magazine, there's no way that his death would receive anywhere near as much news coverage. And, although I may be overly cynical in thinking this, I doubt that such a massive manhunt would have been mounted to find him. As far as I can tell, his only celebrity is in being related to someone famous. Does that really merit our attention?