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Magda The Cat

27 Oct 2004

Magda The Cat (27 October 2004)

A list for Magda:

  1. When I came home from work on the first day I left her alone, unable to find her at first, then finally realizing that the lump under the duvet was her.
  2. Fifteen minutes after lights out (on any given day), when she started mewing and hauling her toys up the stairs from the usual place in the living room.
  3. In winter months, at 3:30 AM -- wedged between spouse and cat, both asleep, both snoring. Wonderful.
  4. Racing down the stairs in the morning for yogurt and brushing.
  5. Hopping into the cardboard box that had brought the latest shipment of books.
  6. Running round and round, chasing her wire toy.
  7. Jumping up onto the couch, and choosing my lap to sleep in.
  8. Stretched out in front of the fireplace, her fur hot to the touch.
  9. Drinking from the dripping bathtub faucet (any given day).
  10. Scrambling between you and the cupboards when she heard the crinkling of a cold cut wrapper as you were fixing a sandwich.
  11. Racing to the door when she heard me coming home.

Mags died this morning. We miss her terribly.