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The Week Of September 13, 2003

13 Sep 2003

It's been a red-letter week for deaths of public figures. Here's a few thoughts on some of them.

Edward Teller
Edward Teller
Edward Teller, physicist

Relax, dear reader. This is not the Teller from beloved magicians Penn and Teller. This is Edward Teller, the physicist who drove the development of the hydrogen bomb. As if the atom (fission) bomb didn't have enough kick. Teller has always stuck me as someone who was guided by intellectual curiosity without any sort of morality. 
John Ritter (right) and Billy Bob Thorton (left) in "Sling Blade"
John Ritter (right) and Billy Bob
 Thorton (left) in "Sling Blade"
John Ritter, actor

Best known (at least in this office) from television series "Three's Company", but also spotted in the occasional film, the best of which may have been "Sling Blade". 

Ritter was 54.


Johnny Cash. PHOTO: Christine Boese
Johnny Cash, singer

Of Johnny Cash, I've heard it said that: "The man looked like he was on his deathbed all his life."

The local lounge up town has an outdoors at which normally advertises food, drink, and the timing of Ladies' Night. Today it simply reads: "Johnny Cash / Cry cry cry".

Cash was 71.