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"That sword, the mace, the crown imperial shall sleep so soundly as the wretched slave."



06 Apr 2002

There is skill in being able to express your desires. There is more skill in desiring something reasonable. Clever people can say reasonable things like, "I'm in the mood for some Chinese food," or a more imperious, "We should like some fruit." I come home and think, "I'd like to see a beautifully shot, yet incomprehensible Japanese film that shows a lot of the unspoiled countryside." I might as well be wishing for a million dollars. Or a million unicorns. A zillion unicorns, even.

What I want to see is "Charisma" or "Sleeping Man", but living in North America, in a small city dominated by Germanic influences, it's just not happening. There's something calm, yet unsettling about both these films; they're lovely to look at, but there's something faintly sinister going on in both. "Charisma", by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, is about a big city detective who investigates a crime out in the sticks. Who's the culprit? A band of ecologists, a squatter, or maybe that big tree over there. Damn, I wish I could get a copy of that. It's great, perfect for watching at about 11:00 p.m.

Bouncing off the IMDB, I found the official "Charisma" web site. It's absolutely great, and I encourage you to visit.

An old business associate dropped by work today. I had done some trivial favor ages ago, and to thank me he brought a gift: a new computer mouse. It's the latest thing -- fully optical. The usual mouse ball is replaced by a red LED that glows around the base of the mouse and out the back end. It works on any surface using some sort of magical technology. Clarke effect, probably.

I've been trying to write a two-paragraph movie review for the last four hours, and every couple of minutes, I look at the red glow beside the keyboard and play with the mouse and the extra buttons on it that let me control my web browser. Every time I play with it, I lose my train of thought, and yet it's impossible not to poke at it.

In a way, having this new mouse is bit like having a scab.

From time to time, I fantasize about being somewhere else, some place where they speak a language I don't understand. Japan, for example. And so I search the web for an internet radio station from the far east. I score one better -- news in video format. All in Japanese. Then I find a site that just gives the weather. In Japanese. And I love it. Open that in a window and leave it in the corner of the screen.
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